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These are some of the amazing resources I use in my classes and have recommended through blog posts or personal use.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! Some of these companies I am affiliated with and some are just for your reference, I will make sure to point out which is which.  And I would love to see pics of y’all using these goodies – #breatheflowgrow – and I will keep adding to this page as I go and find more amazing stuff!


Generation Mindful Peacemakers – (affiliate) I love, love, love these cards for families and kids of all ages!  You can tailor any activity to the group you are working with!  At home, we use them around the dinner table, in classes in makes for great discussion or writing themes.

You can also check out my post on a calm and peaceful summer here where I use and discuss the Generation Mindful Time-In Toolkit.  I use the calming strategies almost weekly with my daughter (and sometimes myself!).  The Time-In Toolkit come with a ton of resources to use at home or in the classroom.

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My YogaOutlet Store – (affiliate) YogaOutlet never ceases to amaze me with all their yoga wares!  Kids yoga mats and bolsters, meditation cushions, kids mandala coloring, they got it! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get all the sales  alerts too!


Drinking Scout and Cellar wine in rain boots.

Coming soon to the blog.. clean crafted everything and why I drink wine curated by Scout & Cellar and joined as wine consultant (affiliate).  Scout & Cellar seeks out wines that meet the founders strict list for clean crafted wine including no added sugars or sulfites (preservatives), organically or biodynamically grown, grown without synthetic pesticides, the list goes on and sends them straight to you!  And Scout & Cellar independently lab tests to ensure quality control.  If you haven’t already, go to take a look online!  And don’t forget to join the wine club for lots of exclusive wines and wine discounts!



Purple Lotus Yoga Teacher Training… its where it all began!  I am not an affiliate of any kind of hers but send everyone to her.  From children’s yoga teacher training to 200 Hour on up, as well other specialization certifications, Shannon has been teaching and teacher training for over 10 years and will be starting ONLINE training soon.  Not sure if you are ready for teacher training?  She has started a Facebook group called PLY Prep School where you can ask questions and find out everything you could possibly want to know about teacher training – best part of this group?  There is no graduation!  Stay and linger as long as you want!


Asanas for Autism and Special Needs  – training and resources galore!  I am not an affiliate or the like, but can and will recommend Shawnee!  I have talked about my training with Shawnee Hardy Thornton before, and I cannot tell you how much I use her training and resources on almost a daily basis.  A must for any parent, teacher, or caretaker!

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