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I came into my yoga journey just before I became pregnant with my daughter and was hooked – it was a crazy and emotional time and yoga just fit. I had to wait 14 weeks before I could start pre-natal yoga, but it was worth the wait and I am so glad I didn’t give up then.

I only wish I had yoga and mindfullness when I was a child, teen, and then young adult – the craziness, the bad choices, the wear and tear and the stress put on my body that maybe I could have avoided. When I learned the same tools I was using as an adult could be adapted to my children, I started training to become a children’s yoga teacher regardless of whether I was ever going to step into a classroom or studio. I hoped my children would avoid the same frustrations and situations I found myself in by teaching and practicing alongside them. And, I found along the way it made me a better, more present and aware parent.

Funny thing too when you start to “come home” to yourself, you start to notice when something is off or not right. And when I found myself more exhausted than usual and with no answers in sight, I started seeking out another journey of health and wellness. Several function doctors and nutritionists later and I had plenty of answers and a forged a new path to wellness. Again, knowing I could share this with others, I embarked on a 20-week training to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Helping others to discover a new path to wellness based on thier strengths, values, and goals.

Oh, and did I mention I also like to hang upside down and teach others to do the same? Yes, aerial yoga is my new playground for growth and development, and FUN!

I am still learning and growing as an individual, wife, mother, and step-mother in my 40’s.  But I can truly say that all of this has made me a better individual, wife, mother, step-mother, neighbor, and friend.  It has helped my children time and time again at home and at school. I truly feel honored and blessed to able to follow my passion. I live for the smiles and breakthroughs I see in my classes and at home. It makes my heart smile each and every time and I thank God for this opportunity, as well as my husband for his patience.

breathe.flow.grow yoga is all things yoga, mindfulness, and wellness for families and individuals.  If you are local, I invite you to join me anytime in class or privately.  And of course, please feel free to contact me via email, over Facebook, or Instagram.

My name is Megan Huff,  and I am the founder of breathe.flow.grow yoga and wellness and a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher (CCYT) through Purple Lotus, a Special Needs Children’s Yoga Teacher Certified through Asanas for Autism and Special Needs, Trauma Informed Certified through the Connection Coalition, and Certified Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher through Beauty Blossom Birth, Sky Aerial Yoga Certified from Urban Vybe, and a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Health and Wellness Coach from mindbodygreen living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.  I hope that you choose to breathe, flow, and grow with me too.

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