A little about me…

I came into my yoga journey just before I became pregnant with my daughter and was hooked – it was a crazy and emotional time and yoga just fit. I had to wait 14 weeks before I could start pre-natal yoga, but it was worth the wait and I am so glad I didn’t give up then.  I am a wife, mother, and step-mother I am enjoying my yoga journey more and more every day and learning to embrace the crazy one breath at a time!  When I discovered what yoga, meditation, and mindfulness could do for my children, I didn’t hesitate to take children’s yoga teacher training to learn more.  When I saw it in action, it became apparent I had to share this with more than just my children.

The difference all of this makes is just astounding and imagine the difference it could make in our communities with more adults and children practicing some kind of mind-body connection, meditation, or mindfulness.  Bringing us closer to ourselves, to each other, and maybe even deeper into our faith (as it has for me).

As a source for caretakers, parents, and educators on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for themselves and their children, I share through this website, social media, classes, and training.  All of which is based upon hours of training, as well as experience in the studio, classroom, and private sessions and my life as a wife, mom, and step-mom.

I truly feel honored and blessed to able to follow my passion.  I live for the smiles and breakthroughs I see in my classes and at home.  It makes my heart smile each and every time and I thank God for this opportunity, as well as my husband for his patience.

My name is Megan Huff,  and I am the founder of breathe.flow.grow yoga and a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher (CCYT) through Purple Lotus, a Special Needs Children’s Yoga Teacher Certified through Asanas for Autism and Special Needs, Trauma Informed Certified through the Connection Coalition, and Certified Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher through Beauty Blossom Birth living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.  I hope that you choose to breathe, flow, and grow with me too.

If you are local or just visiting, I encourage you to look me up and join me in a class.  I would be more than honored.


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