Class Resources

You will find many of these amazing books and products in my classes every single week! From books to tools to crafts, these are the things I can’t live without!

I have a library of books at home that I use for classes in a variety of categories. I have created several Amazon “Idea Lists” for you based on these categories, all linked through my associates account. Some books you will see may be in several categories. If you ever find a book that you think is amazing and I don’t have it listed, reach out to me and tell me all about it! I am always looking for new books! We can never get enough over here!

Children’s Guided Yoga Story Books– These books are yoga, breathing, and mindfulness based that guide you and your child or student through the poses, breath, or activity. These books are pretty straight forward and often include directions or guided meditations at the back.

Mindfulness Story Books – All these books have amazing themes about kindness, peace, love, and our emotions. All prompting inner reflection in ourselves and in our children and students. These books are great to introduce a topic or theme or reinforce it.

Yoga Storytime Books – I love these books because one, the stories are great, and two, we can read the story and learn interactively through yoga poses. Many of these books are perfect for preschool aged children as we learn body awareness and about our world.

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Kids – Resource books galore for parents, counselors, educators, and yoga teachers. Anywhere from how children’s brains work to raising your children mindfully from a range of experts. I have also included books with great games and books for teaching children with learning or developmental differences.

Teaching Tools Crafts and Activities – All things teaching tools as well as supplies for your favorite yoga and mindfulness crafts and activities. I have ordered these products in the past so I know what you are going to get is quality!

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