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You will find many of these amazing books, products, and tools in my classes every single week! From books to tools to crafts, these are the things I can’t live without! Check back often, as I am always adding more to this page!

Break Time Yoga and Mindfulness Fortune Teller

We used to call them cootie catchers, but these little fortune tellers make for the best way to facilitate break time during a long day of online learning. Your kids have the wiggles and can’t concentrate, its time for a break, but WHAT? Breaks are necessary but sometimes lead to derailing progress, you spend more time trying to get them back on track, and then you are stuck with I know these breaks are necessary but uuuughhh… This is where yoga and mindfulness come in and a little fortune teller to help y’all do it. Kids can easily pick how to re-center, refocus, and get the wiggles out, giving them agency as well as reinforcing mindfulness through knowing and recognizing they need the break, and then doing the activities, like breathing or stretching. Don’t remember how to make one? I have uploaded a blank one here and the folding directions here. Need a video on how to implement? Check out this quick video my daughter and a I made over on Instagram. And I recommend allowing your kids to color and number how they want, as well as pick activities – which can be drawn or written depending on age and ability (I have included some ideas on Instagram). These activities could come from a predetermined list, or some of their favorite poses or breathing exercises that they pick and you pick.

Family Friendly Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation for Kids Coloring Sheet

Over on the blog I have created a FREE coloring page and Sun Salutation guide that follows along with a short video on how to do a family friendly sun salutation. This one is staple in all my classes as well as at home. Easy for both parents and kids to do, you will get an amazing morning stretch and warm up the entire body! Its also a great way to set the tone for the day or if you need to get the wiggles out before a lesson or activity.

Glitter Jar Recipes

Glitter jars have to be one of my favorite mindfulness crafts! Everyone of all ages loves them and they are super easy to make. And check out my Mindfulness Story Books link for stories like “Moody Cow Meditates” on great ways to use them! There are two methods I recommend for making glitter jars – glitter glue and corn syrup.

DIY Glitter Jars with Voss water bottles.

Glitter Glue Recipe: PLASTIC Voss water bottles (see Teaching Tools Crafts and Activities, I prefer the 33mL bottles for smaller size), enough hot water to fill the bottle, glitter glue, glitter, dish soap, and super glue.

Warm water in the microwave in separate container (not boiling, just warm to touch) and fill water bottle about half way to three quarters of the way up the bottle. Add glitter glue to water bottle about a quarter to half of the bottle, add lid and shake – glitter glue should start to separate and swirl around. Continue to add glitter and glitter glue until you are satisfied with result. Alot of glitter and more glue will make for a slower fall out of glitter, less results in faster fall out. Once you are happy with result, add water to top off the bottle and two drops of dish soap to help the glitter stop clumping. Then, super glue the lid on the bottle and you are done! Enjoy!

Corn Syrup Recipe: PLASTIC Voss water bottles (see Teaching Tools Crafts and Activities, I prefer the 33mL bottles for smaller size), enough water to fill the bottle, corn syrup, glitter, dish soap, and super glue.

Warm water in the microwave in a separate container (not boiling, just very warm) and add corn syrup to the container with the warm water and stir. Depending on how slow you want the glitter to drop out will determine how much corn syrup. More corn syrup will make the glitter fall out much slower and vice versa. Typically I do half water and half corn syrup, then when I top off the bottle I just use plain water. You can always add more corn syrup and water to the bottle at the end if you think its too fast. So once the water and corn syrup is mixed, add it to the water bottle about three-quarters of the way up the bottle and add glitter to your hearts content. We love adding different sizes of glitter for different effects. Once you are happy with the effect, add plain water to top off or the corn syrup and water mix as well as two drops of dish soap to stop the glitter from clumping. Then close the bottle and super glue it shut. Enjoy!

Yoga and Mindfulness Storybooks

I have a library of books at home that I use for classes in a variety of categories. I have created several Amazon “Idea Lists” for you based on these categories, all linked through my associates account. Some books you will see may be in several categories. If you ever find a book that you think is amazing and I don’t have it listed, reach out to me and tell me all about it! I am always looking for new books! We can never get enough over here!

Children’s Guided Yoga Story Books– These books are yoga, breathing, and mindfulness based that guide you and your child or student through the poses, breath, or activity. These books are pretty straight forward and often include directions or guided meditations at the back.

Mindfulness Story Books – All these books have amazing themes about kindness, peace, love, and our emotions. All prompting inner reflection in ourselves and in our children and students. These books are great to introduce a topic or theme or reinforce it.

Yoga Storytime Books – I love these books because one, the stories are great, and two, we can read the story and learn interactively through yoga poses. Many of these books are perfect for preschool aged children as we learn body awareness and about our world.

Teaching Books and Tools

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Kids – Resource books galore for parents, counselors, educators, and yoga teachers. Anywhere from how children’s brains work to raising your children mindfully from a range of experts. I have also included books with great games and books for teaching children with learning or developmental differences.

Teaching Tools Crafts and Activities – All things teaching tools as well as supplies for your favorite yoga and mindfulness crafts and activities. I have ordered these products in the past so I know what you are going to get is quality!

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