Welcome Home

Welcome home to your body, your mind, and your spirit.

I know its a little funny to say on a website, “welcome home,” but after suffering from anxiety for most of my life, I know that yoga and mindfulness was the only thing I could turn to time and time again to calm me and help me journey back home to my body.

I only wish I had these tools when I was a child, teen, and then young adult – the craziness, the bad choices, the wear and tear and the stress put on my body that maybe I could have avoided. When I learned the same tools I was using as an adult could be adapted to my children, I started training to become children’s yoga teacher regardless of whether I was ever going to step into a classroom or studio.  I hoped my children would avoid the same situations I found myself in by teaching them this, and I found along the way it made me a better, more present and aware parent.  And, if you are here and reading this, you too might be hoping to use the same tools forand with your children or maybe you are looking for tools to come back home to your own body.

Parenting, teaching, and taking care of children these days is hard.  Being a child growing up these days is hard.  We are disconnected from our bodies and lost without our phones and tablets and overwhelmed with information on what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Why not provide ourselves and children with tools to make life a little easier, even better, tools that bring us back “home,” that just require our bodies and our breath.  No app, no device, no wifi or internet, no special anything.

Don’t be afraid of pre-conceived notions of what yoga, meditation, or mindfulness might be or look like.  This is your body, your home, your child, your student, your yoga, your practice, your life, and it should be just that – yours.  Come as you are.  Let all of this meet you where you are today, in this moment, in this breath – invite your children and students to do the same.  Take what you want from this and leave the rest.  Do what feels good to YOU and encourage your children and students to do the same.

And I am still learning and growing as an individual, wife, mother, and step-mother as I enter my 40’s.  But I can truly say that all of this has made me a better individual, wife, mother, and step-mother, a better Christian.  It has helped my children time and time again at home and at school.  And if you are here, you may be searching or striving for the same for yourself, your family, your children, or your students.

breathe.flow.grow yoga is all things yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for families and individuals.  If you are local, I invite you to join me anytime in class or privately.  And of course, please feel free to contact me via email, over Facebook, or Instagram.  I want to hear from you – questions, concerns, thoughts, what you would like to see more or less of, wins and losses, and topics you would like to know more about.

Megan, breathe.flow.grow yoga


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