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Online learning vs. in-person learning, hybrid learning… uploading and downloading and staring at the screen all day, and what is the app you need again? Tears from the kids and tears from mom and dad as we all try to figure this out. Sound familiar? If you are a home school pro, I salute you, but I know home schooling isn’t without its own challenges right now too. More than ever, I have been speaking to parents about yoga and mindfulness for their kids (and themselves) and providing videos online to assist in this. There are SO MANY big feelings right now (and a little burnout and fatigue) that we are all feeling and giving our kids the tools to manage them is pertinent.

I try and I want to be in person where I can – to be able to talk to my students, work with them, process with them, and check for understanding. However, that isn’t exactly feasible with COVID-19. Furthermore, as I reach and connect with more and more families across the country, travel isn’t feasible either! Enter Sawyer – online kids classes (and in person too) from across the county in every topic and theme you could imagine – art, crafts, yoga, mindfulness, story time, music, you name it. You can search to you and your child’s heart’s content, AND its where you will find breathe.flow.grow online teaching kids yoga and mindfulness!

Screen Shot of Breathe Flow Grow Yoga on Sawyer

I am currently offering two classes, one for each age group, and as demand builds, will be adding more (this is the part where you can reach out to me to demand more!). And very, very soon I will be offering personal online classes and sessions as well (link to come). These classes will vary from the same yoga classes I offer as a group, but personalized for your child, to sessions with you the parent on how to incorporate mindfulness and yoga in the home and/or online/home school schedule or maybe into your own routine.

So I know what you are thinking, oh my gosh, not another Zoom call, and believe me I get it, but this is different. I promise! This is mindful interaction for your child with kids from all over the country! Movement, breathing, story time, guided relaxation, participation, and conversation! We are breathing, flowing, and growing together!

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