breath.flow.grow. into wellness

You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed with schedule, there are too many “wellness” options out there and nothing seems to fit, you don’t feel seen or heard, and you just want to feel better. I hear you. I see you. I get you. I was you.

Tired of being told I was fine, or I “should” feel better since I teach so much, or I am “so” active, or fill in the blank here, I started seeking out my own path to feeling better. Tons of podcasts, functional nutrition courses, books, and rabbit holes in the middle of the night, I pulled it all together.

I want to offer you all that I have learned and then put into practice through a community where we will make simple lifestyle changes that will make a BIG impact on your wellness. Guided throughout with knowledge and experience on diet, mindfulness, and movement, you will be empowered to transform the way you eat, move, think, and feel for the better!

Each week you will be provided with a quick and easy breathing exercise and mindfulness activity to to reduce stress in the body (check out a sneak peak below); a 30 minute live class to move and check-in (always recorded); and wellness and diet guidance via resources, videos, podcasts, recommendations, and guest expert interviews. Easy and bite sized, everything will build upon itself.  There will also be opportunities to meet with me one on one, as well as live Q&A sessions (and maybe a virtual happy/healthy hour or two). I’m here for you, each step of the way.

This is a Founding Membership and will be the only Founding Membership opportunity for this offering. From here on out, all Founding Members will be provided with exclusive opportunities and discounts as this membership and community evolves and grows together!

I know you may be hesitant of the commitment, but consider this an investment in yourself. That’s it. Join me and our community as we breathe.flow.grow. into wellness together!

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