Family Fun Sun Salutation with Coloring Page

There is nothing better in yoga (in my humble opinion) than stretching and moving the entire body in sun salutation!  Even better than that?  Making it accessible to kids of all ages by simplifying it and putting fun sayings to it so the whole family can join in.  Even MORE better than that?  A COLORING SHEET to go with it for kids to draw themselves doing the poses as their own personal reference!  Say whhaaat?

Ella and I have been busy this summer teaching kids yoga camps and family yoga sessions and this sun salutation is hands down everyone’s favorite.  So who are we to keep to ourselves and our students and why not share the love?!

Here’s what to do… download our Sun Salutation for Kids Coloring Sheet HERE.  Watch our video below on how to do the flow and follow along!  Then have your kids color themselves doing each of the poses in the sun salutation, reinforcing the flow and adding that ever so important ownership!

Creativity is always allowed and always appreciated!  Start here and make it your own! And we would love to see your completed sun salutation worksheets or videos of you and your family doing sun salutations!  Post them over on Facebook or tag us Instagram (@breathe.flow.grow).  Enjoy and HAVE FUN!

Sun Salutation for Kids Coloring Sheet

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