Setting my intention.

I have been thinking about how I should start all of this and then, as if it was being beat into my head (and sometimes it takes that), I was like oh, just like I do in my practice and try to do everyday.. I should set an intention for this blog, this website, this business.  DUH.

I tell mommies and little ones, including my own, all the time to set an intention for the day.  How are you going to feel?  What are you going to accomplish?  How can I be more connected to my family/children/spouse/friends?  Just about every yoga class I take, the instructor at some point always asks us to set an intention.  Is it balance? Strength?  Taking a moment for yourself? Focusing on your breath?

Some might say, well isn’t that the same as just setting a goal?  Well, yes, and no.  One should always set goals.  I think one of my favorite quotes is “shoot for the moon, even if you fall short, you will land among the stars.”  A goal is something that you striving for or trying to achieve.  An intention is something you plan to do or achieve, an aim or a purpose.  A purpose.  Being intentional is being purposeful, setting an intention is setting a purpose for yourself for that moment/hour/day/week/month/year or in this case, for your business and website.  While I am still searching out a purpose or dharma for myself, I can certainly set ones for breathe.flow.grow yoga and kids yoga!

First, authenticity.  To always be real or genuine with my clients, customers, friends, family, people taking their time to read this. I hope to never paint this ideal picture where my kids and I are perfect yogis, I can always land the perfect handstand (hardly), and I am never late to anything (insert hysterical laughter here).  I am just like everyone else.  I am trying to squeeze everything into my day with little to no success.  I am writing this at my daughters gymnastics practice!  When I suggest something to try, trust me I know, it may be smashed in between commercial breaks or while your kids are zoned out to Disney and you get 20 minutes of peace (why can’t those shows be a full 30 minutes?!), or if/when you actually get to go to the bathroom by yourself.  I totally get it.  Most times I like to smash everything together to mommy and me because sometimes mommy (or daddy) needs it just as much, if not more, than the kids.  So don’t worry, its progress, not perfection around here!  But I intend to be authentic in everything I say or do or ask.

Second, community.  I love giving and sharing and want to create a community where everyone feels comfortable to share as well.  I want to create a community of authenticity, sharing, and doing.  Breathe.flow.grow is not just me commanding to the masses, its all of us learning together, talking together, and sharing together!  I never want one person or child to feel isolated or like they have to be like the next person.  Individuality is what makes the world so amazing!  So lets embrace it and learn from each other here!  I intend to always ask for participation, comments, or suggestions.  I love hearing about how everyone is applying things to their everyday, what it means for them in their life, or maybe how its not working.  I want to know that too!  I intend to put events together for us all to meet up face to face.  Lots of videos to share… it doesn’t have to stop with this webpage!

So here goes nothing!

I want to end each post with a pose and thought/action to go with the theme of the post.  In this case, its setting an intention.  To help set your intention, you will want to get settled in Sukhasana (easy sitting pose).  This can be cross legged (crisscross applesauce) or lotus, with your legs stacked over each other while crossed.  If I am going to be sitting for more than a hot minute, then I like to fold up a blanket or put a small pillow under my rear, elevating my rear a little above my legs, seems to make it easier on the bones!  Or just sit on a chair. That works too!  Take a deep breath in, feeling and listening to your breath, then a long exhale doing the same.  If you need to concentrate on something other than your breath, count on your inhale (how many seconds it takes) and then again on the exhale (how many seconds it takes).  They should be even, or, if you want more relaxation, extend the exhale longer than the inhale.  So lets say, four seconds on the inhale, and six seconds on the exhale, or four and four!  Its your practice!

After a few rounds of breathing.  Think about your intention, what you want to set for the day or week. Then I like to say it to myself on the inhale, confirming it on the exhale.  One of my favorites… on the inhale, “I am a good mother,” and on the exhale, “I will be more patient.”  So I like to instill some confidence on my inhale, and then set my intention on the exhale.  Its a two for one!  But if you just want to set your intention, then say it on the inhale and confirm it on the exhale, or just say it on the inhale or exhale.  Whatever feels good to you!

I would love to hear from you and your intentions.  Did it help you during the day?  Would you make this part of your daily routine?


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