Vision Boarding for 2017

So by now you may have heard how important it is to visualize your goals.. it provides a visual focus for your brain, something for you to concentrate on and put your mind’s energy to work on.  I have several friends that do it.. have read countless stories about it.. always thought about doing it… but alas, never make the time to sit down and actually do it.  So when my friends at Purple Lotus and Alternative Yoga Therapies in Plano held a New Year’s Day restorative yoga and planning and vision boarding workshop on New Year’s Day.. I was in like Flynn.. this is my opportunity to finally sit down, uninteruppted, armed with a stack of magazines, a glue stick, and scissors, to get this done!  I didn’t finish at the workshop, what can I say, I like to talk, but I took it home and spread out all over my dining room table and didn’t stop until I was done – which is an accomplishment in and of itself!

All spread out on the table, side one.. Work, Spiritual, Financial, and Creative sections of my “vision board.”

Shannon with Purple Lotus provided us with a planning work sheets as well for the left sides of our brains, so from that, I created sections of my board:  Things I Love, Relationship/Marriage, Family/Home, Personal/Self, Work, Spiritual, Financial, and Creative.  The vision board method I used was this one from the Artful Parent.  I loved the idea of being able to fold up my vision board and take with, or make it a little bit more manageable than a poster board.  Plus, it just looks cool and I could use each “page” of the folder as a section (right brain, meet left!).

Fold-able and portable example provided by The Artful Parent.

Instead of folding the tabs like they did on The Artful Parent, I just taped folder sides to each other.  Its not as beautiful as the example, but alot easier for me to manage.  I wrote the name of the section on the top of each “page” and started with large images that made me happy for backgrounds or something I felt fit the theme of the section.  I used not only yoga magazines, but catalogs, fashion magazines, you name it!  From there it was lots of words.. some that fit my feeling for that page and others that were very specific.  Don’t forget the money (you have to pay for some of these dreams somehow).  I found some stickers and washi tape from my endless supply of crafting stuff and TA-DA!  I wrote in a few things that I couldn’t find in the magazines with paint markers..  which reminds me, I forgot to add a quote from a yoga class I just took, I love it, “Just because you are getting uncomfortable in a pose (or life) doesn’t mean its time to wiggle and squirm and try to get out of it (GUILTY). Instead, turn inside, turn to your breath.”  Now I just don’t know where I am going to put it… Self or Spirituality?  I am digressing… ok, back to this vision board thing!


So my fold-able vision board, I also found some articles and words of wisdom and reminders that I added in.  One was a quote about breathing, another was an interview of Hilaria Baldwin and how she reminds students to be mindful of how they feel while they practice.  Another, a quick column on how to start your day the Ayurveda way and no lie, a website to a flow to “Rock your Chakras!”  Perfect for Spirituality!  Here is the finished, ok almost finished, I need to add the quote, product…  but I guess that is the glory of this experiment, you can keep adding!


I am not going to lie, I was really hesitant that I was going to get this done with my 4-year old daughter lurking, but I gave her some child safe scissors and she started one of her own.. (she used the pages of Wine Spectator magazine)!  I was really tickled how she used some of the words and was drawing and writing on it just like me!  *They are always watching and observing!*


I also started thinking that I should plan a date to revisit my board and evaluate where I am – and also finish filing out the planning worksheets, get the left brain cranking!   I will let you all know how it goes!  Now where to put this baby… Somewhere I will see it EVERY DAY!

So I am interested, anyone else done a vision board?  Have they worked for you?  What are elements that you like to add?

Here’s to 2017!!!!

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