Center of Light Body Scan Guided Meditation

I have used this guided meditation to huge success for myself and most recently my teen students.  I have adapted this form of body scan from various ones I have heard and used over the years and without fail, if I do this at night while lying in bed I won’t make it past my right leg and will put myself to sleep.. This is a HUGE win as I often lay in bed thinking of all the things I should be doing and need to do the next day.

Obviously, it is great to complete the entire meditation to check in the with body – and I recommend that you do – but if you need the anxiety relief, as I often do, and are trying to get to sleep without medication – this one is at the top of my list, hands down, the best to relax the mind and body.

And this goes for your tweens and teens as well!  Read it to them, do it with them, record one of you reading it and play it back over and over.  Once you get the hang of it you won’t need the guide anymore, and lets be honest, you can never mess this up.  The way I see it, if your mind is leading you to somewhere in your body – GO THERE.  It is trying to tell you something.

The following is what I call the “Center of Light Body Scan Guided Meditation” script…  I have also included it for download here.

Center of Light Body Scan MeditationCenter of Light Body Scan Meditation (1)

Read through it several times before practicing so you know what to expect.  And also know that this guided meditation can be adapted to your needs.  You could adjust it to do all seven chakras or just keep to extremities or both.  For tweens and teens, I tend to do a blend of both, hitting the major areas but also keeping it simple.  If you have little ones you want to try it with, try head, heart, tummy, feet, and hands.

I look forward to hearing your stories using this or any adaptations you have used of this in the past to success.  Please share them with me and the community if you choose!  I look forward to hearing from you and ENJOY!

Light and love… Megan

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